erp4students: SAP Consultant Certification Exclusively for Students!

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erp4students: SAP Consultant Certification Exclusively for Students!

Post#1 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:48 pm

SAP skills are in high demand nowadays and students who already gain this knowledge during their studies are clearly a step ahead of those who have to acquire this know-how on the job. Stand out from the mass of graduates and become even more interesting for potential employers by gaining an SAP consultant certificate!

The University of Duisburg-Essen, in cooperation with SAP University Alliances, offers e-learning courses with SAP software; giving you the opportunity to acquire a choice of official SAP consultant certificates and, thus, severely increase your career opportunities.

In 2016, erp4students celebrated its 10th anniversary. That means that you benefit from 10 years experience in the development of high-class e-learning courses in the field of SAP. To date, more than 50.000 students obtained an official SAP certification through erp4students.

All courses run 100% online! The SAP consultant certification exams in SAP ERP (TERP10), SAP BW, SAP ABAP and SAP CRM can be taken in over 90 cities all across Europe at an individual date up to three months after the course.

All exam locations can be found on our website: ... pe_22.aspx

What exactly is erp4students?

The program is exclusively available for students. It covers courses from the fields of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ABAP Programming, and SAP BW (Business Warehouse).
Every course runs for 3 ½ months. During this time, you are dealing with the necessary theoretical and methodical contents you need in order to prepare yourself for the respective SAP certification exam. Additionally, you will be working extensively on a fully developed SAP system by solving complex case studies.
After finishing a course, you will be awarded a certificate by the University of Duisburg-Essen. As a participant of the course “Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP (TERP10)” or the modules SAP BW, SAP ABAP, and SAP CRM, you can benefit from special rates for the SAP consultant certification exams. The exams can be taken in over 90 cities all across Europe up to three months after the course. Upon passing this exam, SAP SE will issue the according official SAP consultant certificate.

What is special about erp4students?

All courses run 100% online. That means you are absolutely free to work from any place you like and according to your own schedule (until the final deadline). All resources are accessible 24 hours a day and you can work on your tasks whenever you like – even on weekends and during semester breaks! The only requirement is to finish all case studies correctly by the deadline. (Deadline for the summer term 2017 will be September 2017).
Throughout the course, tutors will provide individual support. You will reach them via email and they generally respond 7 days a week – even on the weekends and during semester breaks!

So far, more than 5.000 students in our program have gained the official consultant certification from SAP. In 2016, erp4students is represented in over 100 countries over large parts of Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America, Russia, and the Middle East. Parts of the program were also translated into Spanish and Russian.

Who can apply?

The courses were especially designed for students of economics, (business) information systems and computer science. If you are a student from a different field, you are also welcome to the courses. However, before you register, you should discuss with the project management whether your knowledge base is sufficient for the successful participation in the course.

Why is SAP important?

No matter if you want to become an IT-project manager, a software developer, a logistics manager, a marketing expert…you name it: SAP software is used in all kinds of companies (more than 300.000 world-wide!) for many different purposes. An SAP consultant certificate makes you stand out from the big number of applicants and seriously increases your market value.

You can read more about career opportunities on our website:

Important information in brief

Courses offered in the summer term 2017:

• Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP (TERP10)
• SAP CRM – Applications and Customizing
• Introduction to SAP BW
• Introduction to ABAP Programming
• Introduction to SAP ERP Customizing

• SAP BW – Advanced Business Intelligence
• SAP BO – SAP BusinessObjects and SAP HANA
• Advanced ABAP Programming
• Advanced SAP ERP Customizing

- Special student rates
- Website:
- Course term: May 25, 2016 – September 10, 2017
- Registration deadline: May 21, 2017
- Course certificate:
o Certificate from the University of Duisburg-Essen
o Consultant certifications by SAP SE for most courses
- SAP exam locations: ... pe_22.aspx

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Telephone: +49 201 - 75 92 44 10

All the best,
Pouyan Khatami
(Project manager erp4students)
Pouyan Khatami, Dipl. Wi-Inf
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Chair of Information System for Production and Operations Management

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Re: erp4students: SAP Consultant Certification Exclusively for Students!

Post#2 » Wed May 17, 2017 2:56 pm

HURRY Only 4 days left until registration deadline (May 21, 2017) for erp4students online SAP courses in the summer term 2017! HURRY

If you would like to register for a course you can still do that. The registration is only available on our website . A requirement for the registration is a valid certificate of matriculation!
Erp4students offers e-learning SAP courses since 2006. Our cooperation with the SAP University Alliances is a unique cooperation in entire Germany and Europe. Until now around 5000 students have received an official SAP certificate and have increased their opportunities on the job market at the same time!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
Phone: 0201-75924411

See you soon!
Pouyan Khatami, Dipl. Wi-Inf
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Chair of Information System for Production and Operations Management

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